Amy Oliver, LMT

Professional health coach

As a professional health coach and owner of Living Health, I create programs and resources for people who want effective tools to implement healthy living. Using proven products and programs, along with HIPPA secure, web-based technology, I coach you through a process of discovery by mapping out where you are and where you want to be, implementing what works for you. I provide you with personalized tools and accurate, up-to-date resources so you can make decisions regarding your health without having to spend hours weeding through information which may not even be relevant to you or your goals.

My mission is to serve you in making a healthy lifestyle doable and affordable, both time and money wise. With over 900 hours of education in the wellness and coaching industry, I bring an expertise and dedication that serves busy individuals with the support they need to LIVE their HEALTH. I can work with you individually or in a team effort with your doctor or other health care professional. My enjoyment of this work comes closely behind being a devoted wife and mother of 3 children. To help determine if I’m the right coach with the right program for you, please visit the programs page of this site or email