Fitness article #1

Have you been searching for ways to make fitness a part of your daily routine? Often people think about getting fit only when they’ve overindulged on rich foods or when they find it hard to squeeze into their favorite pair of jeans. It’s easy to make a resolution to get fit short-term, but staying fit for life should be the ultimate goal. Fitness can be truly fun if you know how to devise an engaging routine!

In general we all know  what we need to be healthy and knowledge is power right? WRONG! Knowledge is only a precursor to power…IMPLEMENTATION is the true power . “Health is the first wealth” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson. So what do you know you need to implement to be healthier?

Instead of adopting crash diets which you can’t possibly maintain, trying out useless fads and health foods requiring unfamiliar ingredients, or programs promising to shed those pounds with no work, you can decide to formulate a no-nonsense fitness plan that truly helps you create healthy changes long-term. These can be implemented one step at a time.

So how?

Here are some tips and techniques to help you get fit and stay fit for YOUR life:

The best way to begin improving your health is by getting more exercise. Many of us aren’t as healthy as we could be simply because we sit at our desks all day, drive around wherever we go and slouch in front of the television after we get home. A great way to start improving your overall fitness is to begin with an aerobic training program. Aerobic training helps increase your heart’s ability to pump blood and improves your overall stamina and exercise tolerance.

Begin by walking for about ten minutes everyday and increase the intensity of your program gradually by taking routes that go uphill or walking faster. Slowly increase this to about 30 minutes 3-4 times a week and include a variety of exercises that make it all fun. Swimming, sports, bike riding, and dancing are excellent ways to get some cardiovascular exercise. This is important because it helps set you up to tone your body as you burn fat. If your goal is to lose some extra weight, always remember weight is not the best measurement of overall health!

Here are a few core tips and questions to ask yourself when considering significant change:

* Its great to start your aerobic training in the morning. A workout can leave you feeling fresh and energized to start your day, it gets your circulation going and clears your head. What would that do for your life?

* When you do begin more extensive aerobic training consider joining a cardio class or training under the guidance of an instructor. There are many health professionals who can offer guidance and support. Do you feel this might be the key to set you up for success?

* Avoid strenuous aerobic exercises that affect your joints, put more stress on your knees or create quick burn out…remember ‘slow and steady wins the race’. What healthy habit have you adopted in the past that shows you this pattern?

* Start eating a healthier diet. Just adding one quart a day of green smoothie, without any other changes has shown significant health benefits. Check out the resources page for ways to begin.

How do you know whether you are getting the right amount of intensity? Use the talk test. If you are breathless and can’t speak, then you’re working too hard. If you can talk non-stop then you aren’t working hard enough! You know you’re getting the right amount of aerobic exercise when you can say a few words, catch your breath and then continue to speak.

Regular aerobic exercise will strengthen the efficiency of both your lungs and heart. You’ll be able to recover more easily from any workout, exercise for longer periods and generally have more endurance. Your energy levels will increase and you’ll feel more vigorous and healthy. Is this something you want in your life?

In the next part of this article series we’ll look at tips to easily increase your muscle strength and tone up your body by doing a few simple exercises, ten minutes a day.

Note: The information given in this article is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. It is not intended to substitute for the advice, treatment and/or diagnosis of a qualified licensed professional.

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