"Health is the first wealth"

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Over the years my own health concerns have  motivated me to research and educate myself about what it takes to implement healthy changes tailored to my individual needs. Through this process I discovered a combination of healthy habits and bodywork that have been most effective in addressing my challenges. Health Coaching bridges the gap between what a healthcare professional advises clients they need to change and those changes actually being implemented. Craniosacral Therapy helped me find answers for my child when she started having seizures. It addresses the body and mind tensions that can result in anxiety and depression, along with many other nervous system issues. When I learned how powerful it is, I did the work to become certified through the Upledger Institute so I could better serve my clients.

I've had the privilege of having Amy work on me a few times. I appreciate her combination of guidance, while still allowing for self-discovery through the prompts she asks. After each cranial sacral experience, I have felt lighter, untangled, and more in tune with my own body and energy. It has been amazing to experience on multiple occasions the things she picks up on through her own gift and intuition which has allowed me to feel more validated in trusting my own body and experience. I love that Amy utilizes her own gifts and intuition and evidence-based practices. And I am confident that she always operates from a place of light and truth. I feel blessed to have her helping me along my healing journey.

Kelly H.

My friend went to Amy Oliver for cranial sacral therapy and had amazing results. She has episodes of losing feeling in her leg and arrived at Amy's when her leg was not working. She left with all the feeling back and raved about how much improved her health was in all aspects after subsequent sessions. I had never heard of cranial sacral therapy, but decided to try it. I didn't have anything specific to work on but Amy can feel what areas need work. I left feeling like all the chaos inside my body had been straightened out and untangled. I loved how I felt and want to keep getting treatments.

Erin J.

My experience with Amy has been a very positive one. I had a major car accident I was able to walk away from. However weeks later the pain was getting worse and I was noticing lack of focus, memory issues, major headaches, vision and other signs of trauma. I was diagnosed with a concussion. I didn’t want to have regrets later in my life because I didn’t take care of myself. I did some therapies and CST was one of them. Amy was very professional and explained the process and how it works. I was back to myself and noticed improvement above and beyond my expectations. I have goals and a life of abundant living to do and now I really am physically and mentally able to do that. I will be forever grateful for Amy’s part in helping me heal.

Julie B.

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